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          Huzhou Yinhuan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

          Address: Changchao Industrial Park, Hefu Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

          Contact: Mr Wu

          Email: mgwubin@aliyun.com

          Phone: +86-15067282099

          Email: 971888879@qq.com

          Phone: +86-572-3733132

          Fax: +86-572-3639788

        Company Profile

        Huzhou Yinhuan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (formerly Xinyaohua) is located in Changchao Industrial Park, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, bordering Taihu Lake, located in the economic center of the Yangtze River Delta at the junction of Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, and Shanghai. The environment is elegant and the sea, land and air transportation is convenient. The company was founded in 1994, covers an area of ??more than 100 acres, with a registered capital of 18 million yuan and a total investment of 250 million yuan. It mainly produces and sells stainless steel pipe seamless pipes, welded pipes and related accessories. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, architectural decoration, Medical machinery, aerospace, military ships, nuclear power, boilers, heat exchangers and other industries. The annual output can reach 15,000 tons, with an output value of 600 million.
        The company has 250 employees, including 22 engineering and technical personnel, including 3 senior engineers, 15 engineers and 3 assistant engineers; 8 non-destructive testing personnel, including 1 UT and ET level 3 qualification and 6 UT and ET level 2 qualification 4 persons with physical metallographic analysis and chemical analysis qualifications; the production workshop has introduced first-class production equipment. At present, there are 12 sets of rolling mill production lines and 11 sets of cold drawing production lines, complete with polishing, straightening, cutting, Lathe, pickling and welding system production lines, built a physical and chemical comprehensive laboratory, its scale and detection level are second to none in the domestic industry, equipped with ultrasonic, eddy current, direct reading optical spectrum analyzer, hydraulic tester, metallographic analysis, low A series of supporting testing equipment such as multiple analysis, microstructure analysis, intergranular corrosion, Rockwell hardness, impact test and mechanical test.
        Product implementation GB / T14976-2013, GB13296, GB9948, GB21833, GB / T12771, Classification Society "Materials and Welding Specifications", ASTM A312, ASTM A213, ASTM A269, ASTM A789, ASTM A790, ASTM A511, DIN14756, DIN14758, JIS G3459, JIS G3463, JIS G3448, and GOST9940-38, GOST9941-81, etc., the main brands are TP304, TP321, TP316, TP316L, TP317L, TP347, TP347H, 31803, 904L, etc. The products are sold well in domestic, Europe, America, Russia, Middle East , Southeast Asia, South Africa and other countries and regions.
        Huzhou Yinhuan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. is one of the largest stainless steel pipe production enterprises in northern Zhejiang and Huzhou, adhering to the "high starting point, high standard, high technology, high quality, high quality" business philosophy and "product differences" advocated by the founder Mr. Zhang Meigen "Strategies of centralization and advantages", insisting on the path of high-end products. Taking the quality policy of "careful management, quality assurance, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" as the guiding direction, and the business philosophy of "brand creation, technical innovation, quality first, reputation first", we will serve the customers and the society wholeheartedly. 1. Make their due contributions to the country.