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          Huzhou Yinhuan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

          Address: Changchao Industrial Park, Hefu Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

          Contact: Mr Wu

          Email: mgwubin@aliyun.com

          Phone: +86-15067282099

          Email: 971888879@qq.com

          Phone: +86-572-3733132

          Fax: +86-572-3639788


        In order to prdouce better andbetter quality production ,the company invests fund continuous to buy advance production and testing equipment,and ensures that every production line is perfect.the arduous and innovative technical team of the company combines with years of knowledge and command of production features of stainless steel pipes,deepens its research of technical equipment,carries out reforms and innovations,thus improves product quality and finished product rate greatly.Now,the whole line of stainless steel pipes adopts domestically advanced rolling-drawing combined technique,while welded stainless steel pipes are produced by world-class advanced and quick JCOEforming technology and outomatic welding technique controlled by computer.Advance production equipment and professional operational managenment are major guarantee of Yinhuan Brand.