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        Contact Us

          Huzhou Yinhuan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

          Address: Changchao Industrial Park, Hefu Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

          Contact: Mr Wu

          Email: mgwubin@aliyun.com

          Phone: +86-15067282099

          Email: 971888879@qq.com

          Phone: +86-572-3733132

          Fax: +86-572-3639788

        Privacy Policy

        Privacy Policy
        At http://www.gerenweb.com (from now on, it will be called yhstainless.com), visitor privacy is our serious concern. This privacy policy page describes what personal information yhstainless.com can collect and collect and how to use it.
        Search Engine Advertising
        Like many other professional websites, yhstainless.com invests in Internet advertising. Our advertising partners include advertising (Yahoo Ads). In order to maximize the return on investment of online advertising and find target customers, yhstainless.com applies the tracking codes generated by these search engines to record user IP and page browsing flow.
        Business contact information
        We collect all business contact data sent from yhstainless.com via email or web form. Visitor identification and contact related data will be strictly restricted to the internal use of yhstainless.com. yhstainless.com will ensure the safe and correct use of these data.
        Use of information
        Unless you specifically agree to other types of use, we will only use your personally identifiable information, unless you receive personally identifiable information or through your other forms of consent
        1. We will use personally identifiable information to complete any order you placed.
        2. We will use personally identifiable information to provide you with specific services you request, such as reaching a retailer.
        3. We will use your personally identifiable information to respond to questions you send us.
        4. We will use your personally identifiable information to send you emails from time to time, such as newsletters and notifications about our promotional activities.
        5. We can disclose personally identifiable information as required by law or legal process.
        6. We may disclose personally identifiable information, investigate suspected fraud, harassment or other violations of laws, regulations or rules, or the terms or policies of the website.
        OPT output / correction
        At your request, we will (a) correct or update your personal information; (b) stop sending emails to your email address; and / or (c) disable your account to prevent it from proceeding through this account buy. You can send your request to the customer support department of yhstainless.com yhstainless@163.com in the customer information section or by phone or email. Please do not send credit card numbers or other sensitive information.